Friday, March 16, 2012

Hey guys, its me Carissa.

Hey guys, its me Carissa.

Just chilling in the good 'ol state of California.

Wanna hear about my day? Probably, just because my life is so cool and what not.

So we got lost in San Diego. Shhhoulda guessed it. We drove far too north and ended up in some city that had nothing cool to offer. Oh, except there was a giant riot going on. Evidently a bunch of High Schoolers were ticked about getting laid off, so they were going ape crazy in the streets and one thing lead to another and we ended up on the news. Yeah, I was in a riot today. It was awesome.

Then we decided to go bounding down south in hopes of finding the downtown of San Diego. So we arrived and ended up parking like 5 miles outside of the mainland, but we had already paid 20 buckaroos for parking.... so we walked and it took forever. Probably should have parked the car a bit closer.  It was miserable, kinda, but what I will say is the schizophrenic Asian saved the day. She chased us down and then at the corner of 11th Avenue consumed us for a total of 2 minutes. She told us all about this man that told her to bleep off, then she went bleepidy bleepin' crazy on some dog, who bleeped them all, then they all got bleeped. After her story, that was full of the bleeping words was over, we promptly told her that her life sounded rough and then we upped our walking pace--she was clearly out of her mind, but her story was awesome nonetheless.

So we finally ended up downtown and decided to rent beach cruisers for the day. We strolled the San Diego coast for a good 3 hours and had a jolly good 'ol time. I've never seen so many hobos in my life. San Diego is hoppin' with the homeless, but they loved us, so it's fine.

Anyywwaayy, point being is our adventure today was banging and I enjoyed ever second of it.

I included some snap shots of us as rhetoric, oh and a video of us driving to San Diego. The amount of videos I have of us dancing in the car is beyond ridiculous. Don't ask questions; it's a chick thing.
Do enjoy.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Writing & Research LAB

Well, this was worthless--just saying. That may seem a bit harsh and I almost feel terrible saying it, but its true. It was kinda worthless. The worthlessness can be blamed on the amount of time I actually spent in the lab getting help. I guess they workers had a meeting in 10 minutes, so my time was limited. 

I walked in, found a chick (she so happened to be an assistant lab helper) and I sat down with her for a total of 5 minutes. She asked my what my topic was and I told her The Occupy Movement; she then said she knew nothing about it. So, her advice was limited. All she recommend is that I focus on the past occupy movement rather than the recent ones, but that was a given considering my issue is looking at the long-term effects of the movement.  

After feeling guilty about spending only 5 minutes talking to this chick, I sat down in the computer lab to do some research. I found the same articles that were previously discovered during the two meeting session we had a day earlier. So, point being, what I would have rather done is researched in the comfort of my home while wearing some sweat pants and sipping on hot coco--but unfortunately I spent my time researching in a crusty chair that lacked comfort. 

Anyway, with ALL that said, is it was a douse in there, and kinda worthless.

But on a brighter note, I leave to California tomorrow morning. Yeah, be jealous, like be jealous NOW.

Friday, March 2, 2012

.something about sources.

1. This Changes Everything by Yes! Magazine


3. Gothamist's Blog Posts

4. Washington Post on Occupy Movement 

Theses, kinda like feces.

I am fully aware that this is rough, but it's an idea nonetheless:

Through their non-violent approach, protesters have enlightened outside viewers and politicians to the inequality in government politics; they demand changes. The Occupy Movement has not only effected modern day view on the middle class, but will have a lasting effect on future political laws and policies.